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Re: Perl searching in wrong path for modules?

Gerrit P. Haase schrieb:
perl looks in the wrong folder for the Perl Modules, for example if i
want to load Archive::Zip, it trys to load it from D:\usr\lib\perl5\site_perl\5.8.5\XML\ instead of D:\cygwin(\usr)\lib\perl5\site_perl\5.8.5\XML\ So i wonder if
this is a bug in cygwin perl or rather a bug in Apache (or a error from
my side even?). I attached the cygcheck output, if it matters. My OS is
Windows 2000, Apache was 2.0.50, Cygwin is 1.5.10-cr-0x5e6.

no bug at all.

You may try to install Cygwin in the root of a drive instead of a
subdirectory and see if it works then.  Basically Cygwin applications
use the Cygwin mount system where Windows applicatoins know nothing
about, so this problem is by design.

I used to solve the mod_perl or CGI problems with apache by subst'ing x:\cygwin to a letter, and install apache there.

n:/lib ...

then you can safely use #!/bin/perl in your she-bang lines,
using the cygwin perl and any unix perl also.
with activeperl see below.

the win32 module builds fine on cygwin, besides Win32::OLE. you can also copy the win32 libs from 5.8.2 to 5.8.5. don't forget archlib then.

instead of a new cygwin install, you can also try the subst trick
with the activestate perl. this need much less time.

you can also always fool activestate perl @INC with certain registry entries.
I for example have this:

Reini Urban

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