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Re: Problem executing a .bat script in a directory with spaces using bash

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
On Fri, 3 Sep 2004, Mark Bohlman wrote:

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

On Fri, 3 Sep 2004, Christopher Cobb wrote:

I get different results than you do. It seems to work as expected:

chcobb@CHCOBB-054009 /c/Documents and Settings 09:45:46
511$ cat test.bat
echo %1

chcobb@CHCOBB-054009 /c/Documents and Settings 09:45:48
511$ ./test.bat

C:\Documents and Settings>echo
ECHO is on.

I believe you're missing the point. Try

../test.bat "hello world"

and you'll get the error.

I've come across this when writing a pure Windows loader for another
program.  The above is actually an idiosyncrasy of the way spawn() works
in Cygwin (and, incidentally, in Windows' own MSVCRT) -- it calls
CreateProcess, which expects all arguments combined into one command
string (which, in turn, is later parsed for separate arguments - yes,
retarded, I know).  The fact is that, if any argument contains spaces, it
has to be quoted before CreateProcess() is invoked.  Cygwin apparently
doesn't do this properly to the first argument, so the above breaks.  See
spawn_guts() in winsup/cygwin/ (warning: a 590!-line function).

You get the same "odd evaluation behavior" when doing echo "Hello World" | ./test.bat (in any directory). -- Mark

Actually, I don't.  Did you, by chance, mean "echo ...|xargs ./test.bat"?
Even so, you should probably be a bit more specific about the "odd
evaluation behavior" that you're observing.

Hmmm. I'm seeing the same results as you show above with a quoted "Hello World" parameter to the ./test.bat.

Then in doing the echo, without the xargs, results in the same "non-evaluation" (what i consider to be 'odd') for parameter %1 within the test.bat file.
-- Mark

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