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Re: /proc registry access

On Fri, 3 Sep 2004, linda w wrote:

> 2 questions on the registry access in /proc.
> 1) Any idea on why find would choke on registry subtrees containing ":"?  Is
> some part of the path expansion going through Windows?

Yes.  Cygwin will not process paths that contain a ":" -- perhaps
erroneously, as it should probably check that the ":" is the second
character, preceded by a letter.  <>.

> 2) The user-guide implies read-write access to the registry-fs:
> "As anytime you deal with the Windows registry, use caution since
> changes may result in an unstable or broken system."
>    But I tried removing a value (that I can remove through regedit)
> and get a "read-only filesystem" error message.  Is there something
> I need to do to make it writeable?

Yes -- submit a patch to Cygwin. ;-)

Seriously, though, the /proc/registry handler does not support write
access to the registry.  The above is a standard disclaimer, though I
believe whoever put this in the description of /proc/registry was a bit

FWIW, if you want to use Cygwin tools to manipulate the registry, you can
use 'regtool'.

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