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RE: How to detect a broken Cygwin mirror?

> -----Original Message-----
> From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of luke.kendall
> Sent: 03 September 2004 02:41

> Cygwin-specific expertise, and move on.  The worst experiences, in my
> opinion, are like this one, that seem to come down to a broken mirror:
> our mirror rsyncing to it and breaking, and then people updating or
> installing from our broken mirror, and getting into states 
> like my PC is
> in now.

  I don't think it's a sensible policy to be permanently chasing the
bleeding-edge of development in a production environment.  I think you
should set up your mirror with known good and stable versions of the tools
you need in your environment and then freeze it, and only update parts of it
as and when specifically needed and after testing and change control.  IOW,
I think this problem is better solved by development methodology and
management techniques than by a shell script.

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