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Re: How to check your local mirror

On  3 Sep, wrote:
>  There are 3 parts to what the script does: 
>  1. checks the timestamp on your local setup.ini with the one currently on 
>  the mirror; 
>  2. checks that the files you've got match the ones you should have (this 
>  just checks the names); 
>  3. checks the md5sum's. 

My script isn't doing steps 1 or 2 - that seems like good stuff to add,

Step 3 seems to assume the path is /f/Cyg0, if I read it correctly.
Perhaps that should change to:

echo Check md5sum-s ...
sed -e "s|^|$1|g" | xargs md5sum | \
sed -e "s|^$1||g" -e 's/^\(.*\) \(.*\)$/\2 \1/g' | sort >

(assuming I've understood what you're doing).

I'd also want to bail out I suppose if the mirror timestamp was older
than our one.

Also, I like the idea of detecting that our copy of the mirror is broken
(as opposed to just reporting it, and requiring manual observation and
may be intervention).

Once we get our mirror into a known good state, we could have a
secondary mirror that we try to update nightly (maybe rsync-ing from
multiple hosts), and only push out to the known good mirror if the
checksums on the freshly updated mirror pass the test.



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