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How to check your local mirror

If you want to check the integrity of your local mirror you might find the
attached script useful (as it stands, or as the basis for something you
write yourself).

The syntax is mydir
where mydir might be /f/Cyg0 or /cygdrive/c/cygmirror or wherever it is you
keep the file setup.ini and the directory release/. Note that mydir does not
need a closing slash mydir/ but the script will still work if you include
it. The mirror that is used for the comparison is but
you can alter this if you want to.

There are 3 parts to what the script does:

1. checks the timestamp on your local setup.ini with the one currently on
the mirror;
2. checks that the files you've got match the ones you should have (this
just checks the names);
3. checks the md5sum's.

The script ends by deleting the temporary listings created in order to make
the comparisons. If you keep them instead, and compare
with ..3, you'll see a list of the redundant files on your local mirror: you
could delete these. Or even pipe the list for automatic deletion, I guess.


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