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Re: How to detect a broken cygwin mirror?

On  2 Sep, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>  On Fri, Sep 03, 2004 at 11:41:27AM +1000, wrote:
>  >SysAdmin here are coming to object to Cygwin - they say they get only
>  >slightly fewer support requests for Cygwin than they do for Exchange.
>  >*Usually* they can solve the problem.  They only call me in for hairier
>  >problems (like this "incomplete download" that was affecting another
>  >user here, which lead me to my current sad adventure).
>  If cygwin isn't meeting your needs, you can return it and we'll
>  cheerfully refund all of your money.

Point taken.  I've put in a large number of hours here, to make Cygwin
installs and configuration for us as smooth as it is, because I want
more Unix-style automation.  (That's just to let you know my position.)

I'm enormously impressed by Cygwin, by what everyone has achieved.
But it isn't all smooth sailing here yet.

It helps a lot being able to ask questions (sometimes silly questions,
sorry), on this mailing list and get good help.  It is appreciated,
thank you all.

>  >Failing that, is there something we can run on the Unix host to check
>  >that our mirror is correct?  Can we perform the same md5sum check that
>  >setup does?
>  Of course.  Just use the md5sum files that are in each directory.

Okay, we'll try that first.

>  >Any advice?  Even just a suggestion of an rsync mirror that is
>  >currently known to be good, and which has moderately good bandwidth?
>  There is no way that you can know that a mirror is "good".  You may be
>  downloading information from it while it is in the middle of downloading
>  from the main site and so you may have a setup.ini that does not reflect
>  what's on your disk.  Some files may be updated while others aren't.


>  However, since you raise the issue of md5sums, it's hard to see how
>  your mirror could be bad and not have setup.exe complain about an
>  incorrect md5.

Righto.  I'll write a script to check our mirror, independent of
setup.exe.  Then check ours, and pick another mirror site if has broken.  (Though I'm not 100% certain that it's
the explanation for my "Subject: Setup problem: incomplete nonexistent
package" thread.)



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