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Re: How to detect a broken cygwin mirror?

On Fri, Sep 03, 2004 at 11:41:27AM +1000, wrote:
>SysAdmin here are coming to object to Cygwin - they say they get only
>slightly fewer support requests for Cygwin than they do for Exchange.
>*Usually* they can solve the problem.  They only call me in for hairier
>problems (like this "incomplete download" that was affecting another
>user here, which lead me to my current sad adventure).

If cygwin isn't meeting your needs, you can return it and we'll
cheerfully refund all of your money.

>Failing that, is there something we can run on the Unix host to check
>that our mirror is correct?  Can we perform the same md5sum check that
>setup does?

Of course.  Just use the md5sum files that are in each directory.

>Any advice?  Even just a suggestion of an rsync mirror that is
>currently known to be good, and which has moderately good bandwidth?

There is no way that you can know that a mirror is "good".  You may be
downloading information from it while it is in the middle of downloading
from the main site and so you may have a setup.ini that does not reflect
what's on your disk.  Some files may be updated while others aren't.

However, since you raise the issue of md5sums, it's hard to see how
your mirror could be bad and not have setup.exe complain about an
incorrect md5.


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