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Re: cygwin1.dll problem with Hyperthreaded machines.

On Sun, Aug 29, 2004 at 08:00:13AM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>The problem has not been either identified or resolved and it won't be
>resolved until someone debugs the problem or someone sends me a system
>which manifests the problem so that I can resolve the problem.

Just to make it clear, when I say "sends me a system", I mean "donates a

I'm not interested in loaner programs where I have to eventually box up
the system and drive it to a UPS store or something.  I'm willing to
devote a substantial amount of time to tracking the problem down but I'm
not willing to devote any more manual labor to the problem than unpacking
a box and trying to shoehorn a system into my cramped and overheated

If this seems excessively mean, then you might think about it from the
point of view of already receiving the benefit of substantial cygwin
functionality which represents massive amounts of my time and Corinna's
time and Pierre's time.

I can understand how this would be a potentially scary proposition since
there is no contractual arrangement which would force me to fix this
problem but, on the flip side, I don't necessarily want to be dealing
with IT or purchasing departments asking me for specific "When will you
be fixing the problem/returning the system" when I'm not being compensated
to do so, either.

If the system is provided, I WILL spend time tracking down this problem.
Once fixed, I will use it to run tests prior to every release to ensure
that things work correctly -- as far as the test suite is concerned, at
least.  If I can come up with a simple test case which tickles the
problem, I'll add that to the test suite, too.

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