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This may be a stupid-newbie-mistake or something, but I installed ghostscript 
and gv and when I type at the prompt

% gv /path/to/some/ps/document

gv comes up fine, then gives me an error alert-box that 
says "Unknown device: x11"

Indeed, x11 does not seem to be one of the devices known to gs:

GNU Ghostscript 7.05 (2002-04-22)
Copyright (C) 2002 artofcode LLC, Benicia, CA.  All rights reserved.
This software comes with NO WARRANTY: see the file PUBLIC for details.
[/jpeggray /pjxl300 /psgray /ljet3d /pksm /bmpsep8 /pbmraw /bbox /bjc800 /pnggra
y /cdjcolor /tifflzw /djet500 /pnmraw /pcx16 /pdfwrite /uniprint /psrgb /ljet4 /
pksmraw /bmp16 /pgm /cljet5 /faxg3 /png16 /cdjmono /tiffpack /laserjet /ppm /pcx
256 /pswrite /ijs /bit /ljet4d /tiffcrle /bmp256 /pgmraw /cljet5c /faxg32d /png2
56 /cdj550 /tiff12nc /ljetplus /ppmraw /bmpmono /pcx24b /epswrite /bj10e /bitrgb
 /lj5mono /tiffg3 /bmp16m /pgnm /nullpage /faxg4 /png16m /pj /tiff24nc /ljet2p /
pkm /bmpgray /pcxcmyk /pxlmono /bj200 /bitcmyk /lj5gray /tiffg32d /bmp32b /pgnmr
aw /pcxmono /jpeg /pjxl /psmono /ljet3 /pkmraw /bmpsep1 /pbm /pxlcolor /bjc600 /
pngmono /cdeskjet /tiffg4 /deskjet /pnm /pcxgray]

so how is gv supposed to work? I can't be the first one to note this and I'm 
sure there's something incredibly simple I have to do here somewhere but...

[scratches head]

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