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Re: mod-php4

Robert Schmidt wrote:

I've gleaned from the archives that mod-php4 was pulled because it was
broken, and that a new maintainer has taken over apache + modules.

Is there any use in hoping that mod-php4 will be added soon?  I need it
for a SquirrelMail setup I've been asked to provide on Windows... :-/

I've had a shot at building php4 myself, but failed miserably:

I've been using coLinux ( as a way of running apache and php4 under windows.

The good news is that it runs the regular binaries of your distribution and behaves in every way almost the same as if it were an independant server.

The bad news is you have to go to the trouble of setting up an independant "virtual" server and it doesn't integrate with windows like cygwin does.

I've now got coLinux sessions smbmounting my windows disks (and vice versa) and cygwin X server running in rootless mode (X -multiwindow) so I can combine my linux and windows apps nicely.


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