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Re: LAPACK - testing problems

Billinghurst, David (CALCRTS) wrote: wrote:

I've just recently migrated to CYGWIN. I am having problems with
installing the LAPACK (&BLAS) libraries. Specifically, I am
(apparently) succeeding in compiling the libraries. However, when it
comes to testing the routines only the ones that use eigsrc_(PLAT).a
library seem to be able to give me any output while the rest are
giving an error,for example:

	Timing square REAL LAPACK linear equations routines
	./xlintims <> stime.out 2>&1
	make: *** [stime.out] Error 128

I've done almost everything suggested previously on the archives but
to avail. Could someone help


What happens if you run xlintims from the command line?

./xlintims <

I've gone through the entire library-build process again an everything seems to be working as it should except when it comes to TIMING the Linear Equations Routines. Running the command "xlintims <"
gives no output. The Eigensystem Routines are working fine though.

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