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Re: Strange font behaviour with Cygwin

The problem is that the package tetex-tiny, that is installed
when you install lilypond doesn't contain all the fonts that
are actually used in LilyPond. The solution for you is to
simply rerun setup.exe and select the package called tetex-base,
which contains a complete set of font files.

I don't really know why this problem has persisted for such long
time. The solution is either to add some more font files to
tetex-tiny or let lilypond depend on tetex-base instead.


Patrick Hubers wrote:

First of all, thanks for a wonderful piece of software. I've been using LilyPond for about a year now and although I still cannot do some things as easy as I could with Finale (which I've been using for 10+ years), I think LilyPond is great and getting better with each new version!

However, I found some strange behaviour regarding fonts: when I compile a .ly file with the Cygwin version, some of the fonts (notably the bar numbers en lyrics) are missing and substituted with Courier. This happens with two separate Cygwin/LilyPond installations on different machines, both of which are running Windows 2000. The same file works perfectly on my Fedora Core 2 machine. However, if I specifically \override the fonts and specify, for example, to use "cmr08" for the bar numbers (which is, apparently, the same font that cannot be found normally), the font *can* be found and is present in the resulting .ps and .pdf output. Also note that all title fonts are present without having to \override them...

This has been happening at least since version 2.2.0, I'm currently running 2.2.5 on both Cygwin and Fedora.

I'm stumped, actually, and I'm wondering if anybody here can shed some light on this strange problem?


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