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Re: We have a hacker

Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:

[um... snip]

on my own. I bought every one of those computers. The VIC, the 128, the Amiga, The Tandy, the 286, the 386, the Compaq Presario and now an HP.

1. So *YOU* are the other guy who bought a C-128! I knew I wasn't the only one! 2. What in blazes are you talking about?

Someone's been watching me. I caught on to one in Millbrook, Alabama. My youngest brother. The other is in Montgomery, Alabama. Look at headers sometime, and you can tell where the message are coming from. My friend pointed me out to one. It was sending email using my actual encoded account address from the server. But the address of the machine sending it was in Montgomery, not Millbrook, and it was not on Bell south, but Charter. It sent a message to a guy named Hiratch Ford in North Carolina. What made my friend suspicious of these fraudulent email was that one was supposedly coming from the system administrator at his place. He is his own system administrator, and would have not needed to write that email.
He uses Linux for email. Which I suppose I should too.
Gotta go.
I'm going to get Linux, at least on ISO.

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