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RE: configure-script failure

On Mon, 30 Aug 2004, Peter Ekberg wrote:

> Igor wrote:
> > > Not the whole strace output, but a snippet around the actual problem.
> > > I don't know if it is useful. It's not useful to me...
> >
> > [snip]
> > Just the next, say, 100 lines after the snippet you posted should be
> > enough.  Feel free to send them to me privately, so as not to spam the
> > list, unless CGF and Corinna request to see them as well.
> Here's the output 'til the bitter end. I'm off to bed though, so
> any further action on my part will have to wait a bunch of hours...

The relevant part of the output seems to be in lines 446-686, with the
output from two processes (expr.exe[2656] and bash.exe[2384])
interspersed.  FWIW, expr.exe does seem to exit with the right exit code,
but is later zombified, which doesn't sound quite right.  Unfortunately, I
can't really tell from the output exactly where the problem may be --
perhaps it'll suggest something to CGF or others who know fork() code.
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