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RE: configure-script failure

Igor wrote:
> > Not the whole strace output, but a snippet around the 
> actual problem.
> > I don't know if it is useful. It's not useful to me...
> Well, turns out you snipped out the relevant piece of the 
> strace (see the
> end of your snippet, it just starts dealing with the expr 
> invocation).  I
> guess that was because you looked for the actual configure 
> output, and the
> different buffering of stdout/stderr confused you.

Indeed. My bad.

> > I have the whole output (~12MB) readily available on request.
> Just the next, say, 100 lines after the snippet you posted should be
> enough.  Feel free to send them to me privately, so as not to spam the
> list, unless CGF and Corinna request to see them as well.

Here's the output 'til the bitter end. I'm off to bed though, so
any further action on my part will have to wait a bunch of hours...


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