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Re: OpenSSH-3.9p1-1, mysterious -r option, and documented steps to resolve "Connection to host closed." message was sshd privilege

On Sun, 29 Aug 2004, Greg Morgan wrote:

> Several people in the Cygwin Digest wrote:
> First up Christopher Faylor wrote:
> > But, gawsh, it says *right there* on that erdelynet web page that you
> > have to set both of them! And, we all know that "erdelynet" is the final
> > word in all things related to sshd on cygwin!  I mean where else would you
> > expect to find cygwin ssh help than at a site called "erdelynet"?
> Gasp! I hit the "I'am Feeling Lucky" button. erdelynet was the first
> link out of 15,900 links while googling with cygwin sshd.  Worse yet is
> this link with nice pictures
> with a name like
>  Oh no Mr. Christopher Faylor I found a link with one of
> the Cygwin's project leads with her name on it so I guessed it was ok.
>  Say it is isn't
> so, she said "tty netsec".  Now I just don't know where to turn for both
> ssh and Cygwin help.  LOL oh Darn I was wrong.  I repent.  But how shall
> we clean up the 819 google links that match cygwin sshd tty ntsec? There
> are another 1,120 that match cygwin ssh tty ntsec.  Those erdelynet and
> pigtail boys are near the top of the list.

Google goes by the number of links to the pages.  The new links are made
to pages that are near the top of the list.  This is a self-fulfilling
prophecy.  The only thing we can try to do to dispell it is mention it on
this list.  FWIW, we should probably recommend that people replace
"cygwin" with "" in their Google queries...  It just seems
strange to go for help on a Cygwin package somewhere other than
without checking first.

One way of possibly helping this issue would be for both Michael Erdely
and Nicholas Fong to put a little disclaimer at the top of their pages
referring people to the Cygwin openssh.README, and advising to only keep
reading their pages if the information in the README didn't cover the
particular issues that people had.

> Reini Urban sensibly wrote:
> <snip>
> > Corinna Vinschen schrieb:
> <snip>
> > > > > These are useless.  Since ssh sessions are running in a pty, they are
> > > > > in "tty" mode anyway, "ntsec" is on by default.

They are useless but harmless.  Let's put this to rest already, please.

> [ntea discussion snipped]
> > Could some please update that user-guide then.
> >   using-filemodes.html
> >
> > Together with the FAT32 issue maybe.
> Very Well said.  There seems to be several ways in which this could be
> set up depending on the MS Windows platform patches and other
> combinations of Cygwin DLLs in use.

There's only one recommended way to set it up reliably (the one in
/usr/share/doc/Cygwin/openssh.README), and the rest are obstacles to the
normal setup (e.g., if you use FAT32, you have to turn off StrictModes,
otherwise ssh will always complain).  Granted, the ssh-host-config script
should probably take these into account.
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