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Re: understanding effects of moving addons from site_perl to vendor_perl

Gerrit P. Haase schrieb:
Am Montag, 30. August 2004 um 02:14 schriebst du:
I think I can include libwin32 with the main perl package, but
there are problems building it, there is a bug in some w32api
headers and one part is not building at all (OLE).

That would be cool if there was 1 package -- would more guarantee
them being in sync.  I tend to agree...I guess I was lucky before
this -- either I got the libwin32 with the perl-dist, or libwin32
has been kept in sync with perl.  Maybe the next release of perl was
kept in the "Experimental"  state until the lib was sync'ed?

Well, you may keep the previous until libwin32 is updated.

Why would there be a bug in building it?  Has the win32 interface
changed since the last perl release or did the cygwin headers
somehow get mangled? Strange.

There is one problem with changed gcc behaviour, a switch is needed
--enable-stdcall-fixup probably, then there is another unresolved
problem with the OLE module.

Adding --enable-stdcall-fixup is optional, it only prints a warning, but does the fixup nevertheless.
The OLE problems are more serious, I had no time to check it. Maybe Rafael?

I fixed Win32::API and C::Dynalib though.
Win32::GUI also improved since the latest perl-libwin32

I'm thinking about changing the naming scheme, to reflect this.

Your should try to hardlink cygperl<ver>_<rel>.dll to cygperl<ver>.dll IMHO it should work, but I haven't tested it.

Occasionally, I send emails to the "scripting guys" at Microsoft
asking to show some of their scripting talents in something other
than Visual Basic or some proprietary MS language.  Would be sorta
neat if they demo'ed using standard scripting languages such as
bash, perl or python to do system management/ maintenance tasks.  I
refer them to the cygwin platform as being a good place to
experiment with such languages and I've heard that perl is used
internally by programmers (not sure for what, though)...

Windows comes with perl (well as an addon in the resource kit) since nearly 10 years.

you mean perl comes with windows... :)

windows comes with p2p since nearly 10 years, the src package since 6 months... :)
Reini Urban

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