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question about shared memory in the cygwin daemon

I'm currently developing image processing software which will use matlab
as a "plugin" for interactive processing. The problem is, matlab, when
called from another program, spawns a separate matlab engine process.
The data we are working with can get very large (4gb+) so we can't pass
copies of it around. We are looking at using cygwin's shared memory
functionality to get around this on windows (NT derivatives only). My
question relates to the implementation of shared memory in cygwin.
Copies of the data won't work (even to move it to another process space)
and we would prefer not to deal with on disk sharing as it's quite slow
and will adversely effect processing.

Trevor R.H. Clarke
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp

FN:Clarke, Trevor
ORG:Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation;14671101
TEL;WORK;VOICE:(937) 320-7087  
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