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Re: How to configure Korn shell (having MKS installed) for the latest Cygwin version (just recently downloaded)?

On Fri, 30 Jul 2004, Povolotsky, Alexander wrote:

> Hi Igor ,
> Could (in general) Cygwin be configured for Korn shell instead of bash
> shell ?
> I have MKS Unix emulation on Windows, installed (it is Korn shell based)
> - what would be the procedure in that case for configuring Korn shell
> for Cygwin ?
> Further, would you by any chance know whether cross-compiling/building
> Linux work in Cygwin, configured with Korn shell (instead of bash shell) ?
> Thanks (Spasibo) ,
> Best Regards,
> Alex (Sasha)


It is, in general, a good idea to address Cygwin questions to the Cygwin
mailing list.  Not only will you get access to more expertise than any one
person can provide, but your question (and answers to it) will be archived
on the web for others to find.

To answer your first question, yes, Cygwin can be configured to use ksh
instead of bash.  The two places that should be changed are "/Cygwin.bat"
(you'll have to invoke "pdksh.exe", though, since "ksh.exe" is a symlink),
and "/etc/passwd" (change your default shell to "/usr/bin/ksh").  At the
moment, I can't think of any other places that might need changing, but
perhaps someone on the list will.  Please let the list know if this works.

I'm not sure I understand your second question.  Are you asking whether
Cygwin will interfere with MKS (and vice versa)?  AFAIK, if you keep the
tools separate, and make sure that either all Cygwin paths precede the MKS
ones, or all the MKS paths come first, there shouldn't be a conflict.  If
you're asking whether you can use Cygwin from MKS, why would you want to
do that?

As for your last question, ISTR that someone did cross-compile the Linux
kernel on Cygwin (for some handheld device, IIRC).  I'm not sure if they
used bash or ksh...  BTW, Googling for "cygwin linux kernel cross-compile"
turns up some promising matches, but I don't have the time to look at them
in detail.

Hope this helps (nadeyus', pomozhet),
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     |,4-  ) )-,_. ,\ (  `'-'		Igor Pechtchanski, Ph.D.
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whatever you think is worth doing."  -- Dr. Jubal Harshaw

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