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Re: UNC Pathname Handling within Applications


The best way to insure that you get only one copy of any response from the 
list is to set your reply-to to point to the list.  Depending on the software
you use, you may find that you can easily filter out duplicates too.  I don't
second-guess the implied intent of posters to whom I respond by editing the
recipient list but my email client automatically honors when "reply-to" is 
set.  Most do.  I'd recommend setting it when you correspond with this list or any that you subscribe to.


PS - I've edited the recipient list in this case for you, given your stated

At 08:06 AM 7/16/2004, you wrote:
>please send me every mail only once. Thanks.
>* Larry Hall wrote (2004-07-16 04:21):
>>At 07:30 PM 7/15/2004, you wrote:
>>>* Shankar Unni wrote (2004-07-16 00:52):
>>>>Thorsten Haude wrote:
>>>>>- Is there any standard way to approach this problem? Has it come up
>>>>>before in other applications?
>>>>I don't know why you are even trying to normalize the paths like this. 
>>>>Just hand the thing off to the OS. Usually, both the user and the OS 
>>>>know what it is they are trying to do.
>>>The path is also displayed at various places. The user might be
>>>surprised to see surplus slashes.
>>Better that they be surprised and have things work than be surprised and
>>complain when things don't work.  Don't shield them from the reality of the
>>real world.  It's a learning experience and depriving them of that won't
>>help anyone.
>I think some people might see the surprising path, *think* the
>software is broken and stop using it. Another problem ist the toolkit.
>I agree that the leading extra slash should be supported, but it might
>not be as easy as it sounds.
>>That ends the philosophy lesson for today.  Please go back to your homes
>>now and meditate on this. ;-)
>Thank you, O wise one!
>As we enjoy great advantages from the inventions of others we should
>be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours,
>and this we should do freely and generously.
>    - Benjamin Franklin

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