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Re: sending email from Cygwin

On Jul 15 01:39, Robert R Schneck wrote:
> Pierre A. Humblet wrote:
> >Luke Kendall wrote:
> >> or that it creates a symlink to sendmail. 
> >
> > exim doesn't. That symlink is created by the cygwin specific exim-config
> > script under explicit user control. That avoids possible conflicts with
> > postinstall scripts.
> Hmmm.  So perhaps the appropriate new behavior for ssmtp is to do the 
> same thing, asking the user whether to create such a link in the 
> ssmtp-config.  I think so.  Anyone else advise otherwise?

That's a good point.  Yes, I guess ssmtp-config should do that, the same
way as the exim-config script (perhaps you can just use Pierre's code.
Would that be ok, Pierre?).

I've prepared a cron package for upload with a postinstall script which
doesn't create the /usr/bin/sendmail symlink anymore.  I'll upload it
as soon as Robert has prepared a new ssmtp package for upload.  I've
also added a few words to /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/cron.README about the
dependency to /usr/bin/sendmail :-)

> Incidentally is it appropriate to include Cygwin-port-specific 
> information in a man page?

Well, from a user perspective it might be cool, but IMHO the original
man page shouldn't be changed, unless it's a change which should be
send upstream anyway.  We have the Cygwin specific documentation in
/usr/share/doc/Cygwin (resp. /usr/doc/Cygwin in earlier releases) for
a long time now.  It should be not too hard to ask users to look there
for Cygwin specific docs.


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