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Re: sending email from Cygwin

On 14 Jul, Robert R Schneck wrote:
>  > I also see that my /etc/ssmtp directory is completely empty.  Someone 
>  > on the list mentioned /usr/local/exim/README.Cygwin, but there is no 
>  > /usr/local/exim directory on my machine. 
>  You should have read /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/ssmtp-2.60.9.README. 
>  It tells you how to create the config file.  It has to be done  
>  locally.   

Thanks.  And from looking through old email, I found afterwards that
there's something called ssmtp-config (it would be a nice thing to
mention in the see-also section of the ssmtp man page).
>  Incidentally you don't need revaliases; it can be used if you want 
>  different users on your machine to send their mail via different  
>  mailhubs. 

Thanks, Robert.

On Jul 14 12:45, Larry Hall wrote (to Corinna?):
> > At 11:07 AM 7/14/2004, you wrote:
> > >I don't think cron should contain a dependency to ssmtp though.  It would
> > >be the same as to have a dependency to exim. 
> > 
> > Well, I brought it up since it explicitly creates the link to ssmtp.  An
> > easier alternative would simply be to check if ssmtp already exists before
> > creating the link, though that might not work as well in the cases where
> > both are being installed at the same time.  
> > 
> > This isn't a big issue but it would make things more complete/correct.
> Methinks that a correct approach (for a given value of correct) would
> be to create the symlink in an ssmtp postinstall script.  That's what
> exim does, too.  Creating the symlink in the cron postinstall script
> was a hack at one point.  I'd be happy to get rid of it.

Sounds good.  For cron to work properly, it must be able to send mail,
so it has a weak dependency on *some* mail system.  Tricky to describe,
I imagine.

I also imagine that if you choose to install "all", and so get both
exim and ssmtp, whichever is installed first makes the sendmail

I think that's interesting, too.  One day it might be nice for packages
installed via setup, to interact with the user - e.g. to ask if the
current package should steal existing symlinks.

BTW, I'm replying separately to Pierre A. Humblet about the exim
permission error.

Should I submit a patch of the ssmtp man page that fixes the two
problems I noticed?  (/usr/lib/sendmail mentioned instead of
/usr/sbin/sendmail; no See Also mention of ssmtp-config.)

I also noticed that the exim man page doesn't mention that it can
replace sendmail, or that it creates a symlink to sendmail.  In fact,
it doesn't even have a FILES section.  It's auto-generated from
something else, though, so fixing that sounds awkward.


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