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RE: Netsky worm

It's not Ourlook or Ourlook Express.
I use outlook xp with a firewall and an antivirus.
Its coming from someone on
I'm not affected by this virus. I just scanned my computer, and netsky worm
is not there, nor is any other virus.
Linux is being hit hard with virii, Trojans, and worms too, so don't blame
Microsoft for some "hacker's" attempt at getting rid of the best companies
Software has ever had.
If you really know the truth about Microsoft, Linux, and Unix, you wound not
be making these ill-concieved notions that Microsoft is bad.
Cygwin will work under Windows.

SFU for windows is UNIX.
Microsoft, when MS-DOS came, also created a company to work on Xenix.
That company is called SCO and is still part of Microsoft.
Unix was created by Bell Labs back in the sixties/seventies
Linux was created by Linus Torvalds around 1991, based on code he had
written on his Vic-20.
When he bought is first PC, he started work on transferring the kernel he
made on the VIC, to his PC. Ever since 1991, he made the souce code
available to the public. From then, programmers all over the world started
work on improving it.  Linus was inspired by Bill Gates.
I ask you, if Linux is free, how come I have to pay $40 to $150 for it?
Free as in beer does not make sense/ When I was working at a local bar, beer
and other alcoholic beverages were sold, not given away. Everything you see
in stores are being sold. They are not being given away.
Free speech has a price, and already, every soldier who has gone to war to
protect the rights have paid the ultimate price.
In case you are interested, the terrorists were using the Cygwin mailist to
spread their ill begotton notions about the US.
The United Starts, North, South, and Central America stand for Peace and
There have been skirmishes over seas that Amerca was called upon to finish.
Microsoft helped the US government and other other organization simplify the
oprating system. MS-DOS and Windows were that result.
Until Longhorn comes out, XP is the best operating system out there.
And before you call me a BS artist, I've tried Linux on my computer.
I have a DVD RW and a pvr, both which will only work with Windows, not
Linux and cygwin both have a long way to go before they will ever really
compete against Windows.
Notice I'm not saying Red hat or Mandrake?
I don't care about linux because it is still premature.
Windows is safer.
All those virii, worms, and Trojans are planted through Hotmail.
The "crackers", (people who steal passwords from real users or the Net) are
sending these virii out. Trace those message back, and you will see, it is
work by terrerists over seas.

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Andrew DeFaria
Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 3:55 PM
Subject: Re: Netsky worm

Chris Taylor wrote:

> On Wed, June 30, 2004 7:47 pm, Andrew DeFaria said:
>> phil wrote:
>>> can whoever maintains this list ensure that virus definitions are up 
>>> to date.
>>> I have had 3 and as I write 5 instances of the above.
>>> be on guard
>> How about switching to something other than the virus propagating MS 
>> software (i.e. Outlook and Outlook Express)?
> Well, the fact that phil has noticed them means that he is either 
> fairly competent or has working virus scanning software, thus 
> precluding him from adding to the deluge of this crap. There's not a 
> lot that we can really do about this, as there are countless people 
> with the ID-10-T error that lack up to date virus scanners.
> Your comment, in this instance, wasn't hugely constructive.. Anyway.. 
> Mario Kart is calling!

I' not sure what you are talking about here. All I was saying is perhaps 
if he were using different software than Outlook and Outlook Express, 
which are known to help in the proliferation of viruses, then maybe he 
wouldn't be bothered/affected by such things. I don't use either and I'm 
not bothered by such virii at all! YMMV.

By the time you make ends meet, they move the ends.

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