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Re: Netsky worm

Chris Taylor wrote:

On Wed, June 30, 2004 7:47 pm, Andrew DeFaria said:

phil wrote:

can whoever maintains this list ensure that virus definitions are up to date.

I have had 3 and as I write 5 instances of the above.

be on guard

How about switching to something other than the virus propagating MS software (i.e. Outlook and Outlook Express)?

Well, the fact that phil has noticed them means that he is either fairly competent or has working virus scanning software, thus precluding him from adding to the deluge of this crap. There's not a lot that we can really do about this, as there are countless people with the ID-10-T error that lack up to date virus scanners.
Your comment, in this instance, wasn't hugely constructive.. Anyway.. Mario Kart is calling!

I' not sure what you are talking about here. All I was saying is perhaps if he were using different software than Outlook and Outlook Express, which are known to help in the proliferation of viruses, then maybe he wouldn't be bothered/affected by such things. I don't use either and I'm not bothered by such virii at all! YMMV.

By the time you make ends meet, they move the ends.

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