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Re: Prn lpt1 nul aux ...Win Xp

On Jun 30 11:46, Guettich, Ulrich, OPM2 wrote:
> Hi,
> I have recognized that files named "aux", "lpt1", "nul", "prn" ... (old DOS
> devices) generated under Cygwin on a XP OS cannot be deleted anymore:
> rm: cannot unlink `prn': Permission denied
> Why? How to get rid of them?

It's a bug in 1.5.10 that these files can be created.  That will be fixed
in the next version.

In the meantime, build the below source with

  gcc ntdel.c -o ntdel -lntdll

Let's say, the directory in which you created "nul" is C:\your\dir, then
you should get rid of that file with

  ntdel c:/your/dir/nul


==== SNIP ====
#include <stdio.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <windows.h>
#include <ntdef.h>
#include <ddk/ntifs.h>

main (int argc, char **argv)
  char apath[MAX_PATH + 32];
  char *c;
  WCHAR wpath[MAX_PATH + 32];

  if (argc < 2 || !isalpha (argv[1][0]) || argv[1][1] != ':')
      fprintf (stderr, "usage: %s full-local-win32-path\n", argv[0]);
      return 1;

  strcpy (apath, "\\??\\");
  strcat (apath, argv[1]);
  while (c = strchr (apath, '/'))
    *c = '\\';

  upath.Buffer = wpath;
  upath.MaximumLength = (MAX_PATH + 32) * sizeof (wchar_t);
  upath.Length = (MultiByteToWideChar (GetACP (), 0, apath, -1,
				       upath.Buffer, upath.MaximumLength) - 1)
		 * sizeof (WCHAR);

  InitializeObjectAttributes (&attr, &upath, OBJ_CASE_INSENSITIVE, NULL, NULL);

  ret = NtDeleteFile (&attr);

  if (!NT_SUCCESS (ret))
      fprintf (stderr, "NtDeleteFile returned with Win32 err %lu\n",
	       RtlNtStatusToDosError (ret));
      return 1;

  printf ("File successfully deleted\n");
  return 0;
==== SNAP ====

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Cygwin Co-Project Leader
Red Hat, Inc.

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