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Re: cygwin and DISPLAY and opening Windows

On Sun, Jun 27, 2004 at 09:00:37AM -0700, Surinder P Singh wrote:
>I need some help.  I have tried to solve my problem by reading the FAQ,
>googling and trying everthing I could.  I am at the end of my wits.
>I have installed cygwin.  I go to Start->cygwin->"Cywin bash shell" and
>I get a nice cygwin window.  I can do all inside-the-window stuff fine.
>I cannot seem to open any windows from it.  No gnuplot window, no
>xemacs window, no xman window, no xterm window.  I can, however, open
>emacs window.  That could be (i am guessing) due to the fact that I
>have had non-cygwin emacs installed anyways in my windows machine.  So
>what do I do?
>I know that for UNIX, DISPLAY vaiable might be an issue.
>Do I need some kind of *.bat file?  I think I do not have any cygwin
>bat file.  On a related note, do I need to run an X-server for
>comfortable UNIX-like experience or I just fine with bash-shell-xterm?

As you have almost surmised, on UNIX you would have started the X window
system if you wanted to use things like xterm.  Cygwin is no different.
You need to install and start X.  So, your first step is download the
xorg stuff by running setup.exe.

After that, the mailing list for any more questions will be
cygwin-xfree cygwin com .  I've redirected replies to this message
to that mailing list.

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