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Cygwin and DISPLAY and opening Windows

Hi Group:

I need some help.  I have tried to solve my problem by
reading the FAQ, googling and trying everthing I
could.  I am at the end of my wits. 

I have installed cygwin.  I go to
Start->cygwin->"Cywin bash shell" and I get a nice
cygwin window. I can do all inside-the-window stuff
fine.  I cannot seem to open any windows from it.  No
gnuplot window, no xemacs window, no xman window, no
xterm window.  I can, however, open emacs window. That
could be (i am guessing) due to the fact that I have
had non-cygwin emacs installed anyways in my windows
machine.  So what do I do? 

I know that for UNIX, DISPLAY vaiable might be an
issue. So tried setting it in many ways.  On many web
sites related to cygwin I found that I need to set it
to (is it a special IP address?).  I
tried, nothing.  I tried to put this DISPLAY variable
in windows, no effect either. I tried xhost+ ...

Please help me.

Do I need some kind of *.bat file? I think I do not
have any cygwin bat file.  On a related note, do I
need to run an X-server for comfortable UNIX-like
experience or I just fine with bash-shell-xterm?

Thanks for your help.


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