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Re: Re(4) rlogin problems

On Thu, 24 Jun 2004, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> On Jun 24 13:23, Guettich, Ulrich, OPM2 wrote:
> > >> When I rlogin from PC1 to PC1 I have the same Windows error message
> > >> - which btw shows an error for "login" - and a "closed connection"
> > >> output in the Cygwin window.
> > >> I have now recognized that "rsh PC1 ls" also fails. Again the
> > >> Windows error message comes up, now indicating an error of "bash".
> > >
> > >More details, please.  What OS is PC1?  What OS is PC2?  Both are
> > >running the snapshot DLL now, right?  Please paste the output you get
> > >on the command line into your reply.  And don't hesitate to paste the
> > >German output in the GUI error box into that reply either.
> > >Coincidentally I understand a bit of German ;-)
> >
> > Both OS's are Windows 98 SE. Both are running the snapshot DLL. I only
> > made an exchange of the cygwin1.dll on each PC.
> >
> > The Windows error message is more or less (I can deliver the correct
> > wording tonight):
> >
> > Login
> > Ungueltige Anwendung
> > Bitte wenden Sie sich an den Hersteller..
> Either login.exe doesn't exist on that box (it's essential on the server
> side), or you have more than one cygwin1.dll in your $PATH.

Another possibility is user vs system mounts.

> Attaching a cygcheck output of the machine showing the error box, as
> described on would make sense.

The cygcheck output will confirm that.

> > I do not get a command line output when I rlogin to localhost or to
> > another host - the command hangs.
> I tested Pierre's patch yesterday on 98SE and it worked for me.  Another
> cygcheck output of that machine might make sense either.  Another case
> of multiple cygwin1.dll's?

Or another "Just for me" install.
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