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Old Cygwin Versions -or- Elusive Compatability Problem

I posted on this subject quite some time ago, but the problem has reared its
ugly head once again.

I have a C/C++ project which I compile using the Autotools via Cygwin. The
project is a Java profiler built upon the Java Virtual Machine Profiling
Interface (JVMPI). The problem is that although the build passes off okay,
any attempt to run the program (which is plugged into the JVM using
the -Xrun flag) causes a completely silent crash ... not a hint of an error
message or error log.

Before, I (*eventually*) discovered that the problem was caused by the
Cygwin dll. I was then probably using version 1.5.9-1. I rolled this back to
1.5.5-1, which necessitated the rolling back of ash to version 20031007-1.
This did the trick and everything worked as it should.

I have not updated my Cygwin since, for fear it would cause the crash again.
However another member of our group is now attempting to use my software. He
downloaded the latest Cygwin files and sure enough there was the silent
crash. He attempted to roll back from Cygwin 1.5.10-3 to 1.5.9ish (Im not
sure exactly which version it was but it was the oldest one available) but
still no joy.

So the question is either what could be causing this problem, OR how do we
get older versions of the Cygwin dll? I can send a tar.gz of the project to
anyone who really wants to try investigate this problem, although it does
involve some configury. Preferably, if there is any information that could
help to diagnose it, ask and ye shall receive.

Many thanks,


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