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Re: Re(3) rlogin problems

> > Thank you, Pierre. I have immediatetly installed the new cgwin1.dll from
> > your snapshot on my PC1 and made the following observations:
> >
> > 1. rlogin to PC2 worked fine!
> >
> > 2. now I installed the new cygwin1.dll also on PC2 and tried again:
> > from PC1 to PC2 or vice versa. Unfortunately, now we seem to have
> > on the receiver side: the rlogin fails and an ugly Windows error message
> > my case in German) comes up with a content like "Application not valid
> > The output of "inetd -d" does not show any errors.
> >
> > What's up now? Sorry for the inconvenience!
> What happens when you rlogin from PC1 to PC1? That was my test and it
> worked.
> It's unlikely that the latest patch is causing the problem you see,
> but of course there have been several changes since the last official
> release.

When I rlogin from PC1 to PC1 I have the same Windows error message - which
btw shows an error for "login" -  and a "closed connection" output in the
Cygwin window.
I have now recognized that "rsh PC1 ls" also fails. Again the Windows error
message comes up, now indicating an error of "bash".


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