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Re: Bug fix to /proc/cpuinfo implementation


On Jun 23 16:18, Tomas Ukkonen wrote:
> Hi
> I hope I email to correct mailing list...

not really.  It's usually.

> It seems that '/proc/cpuinfo' doesn't report 3dnow and 3dnowext support
> correctly.
> Because I had been using it for recognizing processor features I looked
> briefly into (taken freshly from cvs) and I think I
> fixed the problem. The changed file compiles and *should* correctly
> detect presence of 3dnow instruction support (by using AMD's 0x8000..1
> extended function). I haven't have time to test it (= figure out how
> build+install process actually works) because I decided to write my own
> cpuid detection routines from scratch instead.

Thanks for the patch.  I've applied it.  However...

> Patch is under whatever license needed to make it possible to use it.'s a border case in terms of licensing.  In theory it's a bit too
big to fit into the "trivial patch" rule but since its functionality
is pretty simple, I turned a blind eye to the size.

For the future, if you want to submit more patches, please have a start
by reading  It contains all information
you need as a contributor.  Signing the assignment form is (unfortunately)
most important.

Thanks again for the patch,

Corinna Vinschen                  Please, send mails regarding Cygwin to
Cygwin Co-Project Leader
Red Hat, Inc.

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