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Re: cygwin installer

On Wed, Jun 23, 2004 at 10:27:23AM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>On Wed, Jun 23, 2004 at 08:50:11AM +0200, Franz Wolfhagen wrote:
>>Let us move this discussion to the list - I answered directly by a
>>I understand your concerns very well - in that case I would copy the
>>necessary packages to a local download site - create a setup file that
>>includes your specific packages only and defaults to install everything
>>you have on your site.
>>This way you will be able to maintain your own site in a controlled
>>manner, but still give everybody the possibility to run with cygwin the
>>way they prefer....
>>I also believe that this is MUCH,MUCH easier than developing you own
>>installer btw...
>Everyone seems to treat setup.exe as if it was a mysterious entity doing
>obscure things.  It isn't.
>The download part aside, all it does is unpack and install files (tar),
>manipulate the mount table (mount), and run post-install scripts (bash).
>If you want to just clone the same setup everywhere, all you should need
>is tar, cygwin and mount.

...and bzip2.exe, of course, and anything else I forgot.

I forgot to put in a disclaimer.  There may be pieces missing from the
steps below but this is not rocket surgery.  Maybe the only tricky part
is the "mount -m" command, which coincidentally enough was designed
just for a scenario like this.


>0) (Assuming that an 'n:' drive is available on the server)
>1) create tar.bz2 file of reference installation.  Put it on a server.
>   c:\>tar cjf /cygdrive/n/stuff.tar.bz2 cygwin/bin cygwin/etc cygwin/lib whatever
>2) create a "stage" directory on server and copy tar.exe, cygwin1.dll,
>   and bzip2 to it.
>    c:\>mkdir n:\stage
>    c:\>copy bin\tar.exe bin\cygwin1.dll bin\bzip2.exe n:\stage
>3) mount -m > n:\stage\mount.bat
>4) To clone on another computer:
>   c:\>set PATH=n:\stage;%PATH%
>   c:\>tar xjf n:\stuff.tar.bz2
>   c:\>n:\stage\mount.bat

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