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Re: Windows 2003 Compatibility

At 04:24 AM 6/23/2004, you wrote:

>>Issues using some Cygwin packages with W2K3 generally are related to
>>security changes in W2K3 (i.e. the SYSTEM user has less permissions).
>>This is typically only a problem for packages that run as services and
>>need to switch user contexts (from SYSTEM to some user).  Packages
>>by this change include ssh and cron, among others.  Solutions exist in
>>the package READMEs.
>This seems to happen to me, when I use mutt to send mail. Sendmail does not
>get startet.
>But here there is no SYSTEM acount involved. I tested under the same
>account as I
>installed Cygwin.
>Under exact the same configuration of Cygwin under XP there is no problem.
>Is this
>problem solvable, will it be solved soon?
>I think the same problem could arise on Windows XP with the upcoming
>service pack.

You might be right.  The key is for someone seeing the problem to look 
into it or at least to provide some detailed information of the problem.
I recommend looking at <> as a starting 
point for anyone interested in pursuing this.

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