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RE: Accessing Cygwin from a LAN PC

zzapper wrote:
> Sorry bet this is a Cygwin chestnut.
> I would like to access CygWin on my PC from other PCs on our LAN.
> I guess VNC , but which flavour?  Other solutions?
> zzapper (vim, cygwin, wiki & zsh)
> --
> vim -c ":%s/^/WhfgTNabgureRIvzSUnpxre/|:%s/[R-T]/ /Ig|:normal ggVGg?"
>  Best of Vim Tips

Depending on what you mean by "access", I would highly recommend using
the OpenSSH package that can be downloaded via setup.exe.

After downloading it, run the ssh-host-config script to get an ssh
daemon running as a service.

Then run ssh-user-config to get all the keys and directories generated
for your user account.

There is a doc at /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/openssh.README that explains the
OpenSSH + Cygwin specific wonkiness and the regular SSH docs are at


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