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Re[2]: Compiling DLLs to be used from native Win32 application

Dear Reini Urban,

No,  your  guess is wrong. 3proxy is natively developed to compile under
Windows  and  compiles  perfectly with both gcc -mno-cygwin and VC++ and
though  it  can be compiled with cygwin I see no reason for that (3proxy
has  build-in code to install and run as Windows service and it will not
work  if  compiled  in  POSIX  environment).

What   I  wanted  is  to  attach  clamav  antivirus  to  native  Windows
application  as  library  (without  need  to have clamd running, because
under  Windows it's quite unstable). Patching 0.5Mb of libclamav code to
compile natively under Windows is too large peace of work.

--Monday, June 21, 2004, 10:18:54 PM, you wrote to

RU> Dave Korn schrieb:
>>   Got any exciting new vuln reports coming up soon then?  Found a security
>> hole or three in cygwin?

RU> I guess that he just wants to add this proxy being loaded dynamically:


 >> # How to compile 3proxy with GCC under Windows
 >> Extract source files from 3proxy.tgz (for example with tar -xzf
 >> 3proxy.tgz command if you have tar installed) Use make -f 
RU> > command. If you want to use POSIX emulation Cygwin 
RU> library (normally
 >> you shouldn't) - use make -f Makefile.unix instead. Windows specific
 >> things (like installing as service) will not be available if compiled
 >> with Cygwin emulation.

RU> Reading this I spotted a false information. It is possible to run it as
RU> service: via cygrunsrv.
RU> $ less /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/cygrunsrv.README

Особую проблему составляет алкоголизм.  (Лем)

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