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Re: Perl crash caused by "system 'net send...'"? - FIXED

> Oh, that.  You're in for some pain, friend.

Oh dear. :( (Actually, the pain was minor...)

> What's happening is
> that Windows is trying to load two "executables" into the same
> address space (I think).The short answer is to investigate the
> program /usr/bin/rebaseall; simply running that program according to
> the directions (which might be on some web page somewhere) *might*
> fix it.

This was it! I grabbed "rebase" from the archive, and tried to rebase
/bin/cygssl-0.9.7.dll, only to find it was mysteriously write-protected
(555 rights). Changed it to 755, ran

$ rebase -b 0x70000000 /bin/cygssl-0.9.7.dll

and rebase ran without complaint. Ran the Perl script again, and it
worked splendiferously.

I hope this was just something goofy on my machine, rather than some
other problem. Anyway, thanks for the hint, Eric!


Peter M Aarestad

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
  --George Orwell

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