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Re: Carriage Returns

On Fri, Jun 18, 2004 at 01:17:07PM -0700, Chris Carlson wrote:
> As defined in C, there is a concept of "end-of-line character."  I was
> under the impression that Perl understood this concept, too.  It just so
> happens that M$ doesn't have one end-of-line character, but a pair of
> them.  In some scripting languages, the carriage-return/line-feed pair
> is considered one end-of-line character and removing one removes both.
> It would be logical to assume that a function that removes the
> end-of-line character on a M$ box would remove both the carriage-return
> and the line-feed.  I think this is what Mr. Kramer is trying to say.

Perl converts native line endings to "\n" for text files, based on
platform.  The problem is that cygwin doesn't have one true line
ending.  IIRC, Gerrit went through a lot of conniptions getting it to
work well everywhere to the degree possible, but there remain cases
where you need to use the PERLIO=crlf environment variable, or take
other action (there are many ways) to get it working ok.

If the original poster really thinks something needs to change, he'd
better include cygcheck -s -r -v output as an attachment, and describe
explicitly the case that is a problem.

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