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Re: Poor execution speeds using -mno-cygwin g77 option

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

Even though Case C, when the -mno-cygwin flag is not used, the
difference is still significant. compared to Case A.

That's not surprising. Cygwin is a POSIX emulation environment *on top*
of Windows -- naturally the performance of any Cygwin tool will be slower
than that of an equivalent pure Windows tool. The MinGW case is
surprising, but doesn't belong on this list.

I was planning on sending the question to Mingw32. I never have been totally clear on how separate and distinct Cygwin and Mingw32 are.

Is this a Cygwin problem, or g77 problem or something else. I don't
recall experiencing such differences several years ago when doing the
same thing.

Things evolve. It's possible that some system calls got speeded up on Linux (or, though doubtful, that some system calls got slowed down on Windows). Are you using the same exact options to compile (keep in mind that the defaults may be different on Linux and Cygwin)? As a WAG, are you using floating point emulation instead of hardware?

I supply the same compiler flags to both under Linux and Cygwin (-O and some -D defines). To my knowledge, I'm not using floating point emulation. But if I was, how would I be able to check?

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