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Fw: Tweaking the hostname possible?

I don't think that this issue is a Cygwin/X issue, even though the symptoms
involve the problem...

I am currently on a WinXP machine named squire, which (using a DHCP server
on a different machine), is fully DNS resolvable, as is its FQDN of

I have setup an XDM server on another machine on the local LAN to which I
have attempted to connect to using Cygwin/X.  I received a number of
authentication errors until I googled an answer saying that my hostname was
not being resolved.  My Cygwin bash prompt says 'Erik@Squire ~'.  Adding
Squire to the other machine's /etc/hosts corrected the issue, and I was able
to connect.

Now, much as I would like to add and maintain a list of all the machines and
their DHCP-resolved IP addresses with the first letter capitalized, is there
a better way of changing or otherwise informing Cygwin that the WinXP
hostname should not be capitalized?  The hostname command failed with a
"this system lacks the functionality", and I accept that answer as long as
there is some way of filtering out WinXP's "user friendliness" when it comes
to hostnames...

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