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RE: Carriage Returns

> -----Original Message-----
> From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of DePriest, Jason R.
> Sent: 18 June 2004 18:14

> >  Oops!  You quoted the list address uncensored three times, 
> included a
> >disallowed disclaimer, and didn't spot that no amount of cygcheck
> output is
> >going to give us any clue why Mr. Kramer is complaining 
> about the fact
> that
> >Cygwin uses POSIX style line-ends in a completely correct and
> >standards-specified fashion.......

> Somebody seems a bit grumpy today.

Umm well maybe I guess, but I hope you noticed I didn't swear, flame,
kook-call or otherwise exceed the WHO-specified maximum levels of sarcasm
permitted in the environment! :)

> I apologize for the 'disclaimer' as it was recently added to our
> corporate Exchange servers which I do not have administrative control
> over.
> I use corporate-standard Outlook as my email client and I 
> don't know how
> to make it obfuscate email addresses by default.

It's a shame actually, because the two standard solutions offered to these
problems (1: use a free webmail a/c for list posts, 2: use oe-quotefix) are
actually incompatible with each other.  I don't know a sensible way round
this.  Sometimes I've used OE quote-fix at work, but sent the posts out to
my free webmail a/c and then fw'd them to the list from there.  That's a lot
of work.
> I usually manually fix the email addresses, but I didn't 
> remember to do
> it.

<Puts hands up> Ya got me there, I've done it myself.

> I was wondering if John Kramer could try NOBINMODE in his CYGWIN
> environment variable to try to get around the issues he has.

I just really, really, *really* don't think that _anything_ is going to work
around the issue that if you strip all the newlines from a CRLF terminated
file[+], what you end up with is something that won't be any good for either
'doze ~OR~ *nix!

Apart from maybe _not_ stripping all the newlines, perhaps?

The best workaround would be to get an Amiga or Mac... they're the only
systems that use CR lineends!

[+] or even an LF terminated file, for that matter.
Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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