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Re: Ctrl-Z fails to suspend Windows programs

Dave Korn wrote:

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From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of John Cooper
Sent: 15 June 2004 15:05
To: cygwin
Subject: RE: Ctrl-Z fails to suspend Windows programs

The old native (non-cygwin) port of zsh would somehow detect if it was about to
exec a Windows app, and run it as a background process, thus returning a zsh
prompt immediately. Could something like this be added to cygwin bash/zsh?

  AFAICS the ability is already there.  Just enter "windows_app.exe &" at a
bash shell.

This was very useful. With the cygwin zsh, I often find myself invoking a
Windows app and not being able to get back to the shell window without first
terminating the Windows app.

Well, the same goes if you run a cygwin app: you don't get the prompt back
until it exits.
The point is that it's not about cygwin-vs-windoze apps. It's about
apps-that-use-console-stdin-and-stdout vs. apps-that-display-a-gui; those
that show a gui could usefully be detached, but those that read their input
from stdin will break if the shell detaches them. I don't think there's a
reliable enough mechanism by which a shell could detect one case from the

Well, there isn't reliable method for detection. Own problem goes to apps that does both, uses stdin/out and GUI.

But when starting application in windows you can give handles that program uses as stdin and stdout instead "standard" handles (what ever they are).

That way I have written GUI frontend for application that did both, used stdio to communicate with user but showed a GUI also.


Jani Tiainen

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