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Re: home directory.

Vince Hoffman wrote:

On Wed, 16 Jun 2004, Chris W wrote:

It seems that somewhere $HOME is getting set to /cygdrive/c.  I want it
to be /home/$USER like the /etc/profile would set it to if it wasn't
already set to /cygdrive/c.  So where do I change that?

Have a look at your windows environment variables. (type set from a windows command prompt) or to see and change them (if on 2k/xp not sure for 9x its been too long,) right click "my computer", select properties, then select the "advanced' tab, then select environment variables.
When you've done that, if HOME is set there, some program you've already installed probably needs it for something. You should probably edit your
cygwin.bat to set it to something more appropriate for Cygwin and leave the one in your Windows environment alone..

Unless, of course, you know what you're doing and/or you want to use Cygwin applications that use the HOME environment variable outside of the shell presented by cygwin.bat, in which case your Windows settings is what you want to change..



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