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Re: Annoucement: GCC-3.4.0 binary release candidat

Brian schrieb:

> On Mon, 14 Jun 2004, Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

>> I was able to build the whole GCC suite including Pascal, Modula 2, D
>> and also Java without problems now, after I downgraded to  cygwin-1.5.9.
>> Which version of cygwin did you use to build Java?  I'm asking since
>> the Java build fails for me with cygwin-1.5.10-3 and one newer snapshot I
>> tried.

> I'm still trying to get a clean bootstrap with all the languages enabled,
> but could you post your configure line so that I can look into your issue
> above?

Get my script and patch here:

The patch includes all changes from gcc-3.3.3 to gcc-3.3.4 plus some
additional changes for the 'cygwin special' version.  There are also
some changes for files in the gcc/d, gcc/p, gcc/gm2 directories which
you may remove or just skip them when applying the patch.  The GPC /
Pascal relevant changes to gcc files should be no problem as long as GPC
isn't defined during compilation.

> Also, are you planning on incorporating the DWARF 2 patch discussed here?


Not for 3.3, once 3.4 is bugfree I want to try if it works.

> I can't tell you how grateful I'd be if you did :-).  The configury in
> that patch does need a newer than released binutils to trigger, though.
> CGF, are you planning on a binutils release anytime soon?  Or Gerrit,
> could you just manually define HAVE_GAS_PE_SECREL32_RELOC?  The patch
> should be really safe as it only adds the ability to use -gdwarf-2.
> Without that flag, nothing should be affected.


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