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Re: vim and python

Thanks, that was very helpful. I would like to uninstall the version of vim that cygwin installed and then re-install vim with python support. How can I uninstall vim? How can I set path related options? What path related options should I use?


Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Jun 11 16:54, Rohan Shah wrote:

How can I add python support to Vim in Cygwin? I have never installed a package other than the ones listed on the cygwin setup menu. I know that I have to download the vim source code and compile it with some python libraries? But how do I do this? Can someone please help?

In the unpacked vim-6.3-1 source directory call

    ./configure \
	--enable-multibyte \
	--without-x \
	--enable-gui=no \

All but the last option are also set in the standard build.  Note that
the --enable-pythoninterp option is untested on Cygwin.  When configure
has finished, call `make' and `make install`.  Since all path related
options are unset, this will install your version of vim under /usr/local.
So it doesn't collide with the Cygwin installed vim.


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