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Re: Annoucement: GCC-3.4.0 binary release candidat

At 02:51 AM 6/14/2004, Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

Hi David,

>> I'm more curious to know how others managed to build gfortran of 3.5.
>> Tim Prince

> I am trying to get my mainline gcc builds restarted.  I managed a build
> overnight, including gfortran.  I am unaware of any magic.

Interesting, should I include gfortran into the distribution?  What do
you think?

I was able to build the whole GCC suite including Pascal, Modula 2, D
and also Java without problems now, after I downgraded to  cygwin-1.5.9.
Which version of cygwin did you use to build Java?  I'm asking since
the Java build fails for me with cygwin-1.5.10-3 and one newer snapshot I
I have done all the Java builds with cygwin-1.5.9. The internal errors which g++-3.4.1 was throwing in libgcj have been corrected.
I started over fresh with the new snapshot of gcc-3.5.0 yesterday, and it still refuses to configure gfortran. Personally, I am much more interested in gfortran than in java, so I would be happy if you could put it in the distribution. I would expect some demand for continued availability of g77, at least up to the time when gfortran becomes the supported gnu release.


Tim Prince

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