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Re: Unable to open files including Korean names

At 12:02 AM 6/14/2004 +0900, Jaeho Shin wrote:
>On Sun, Jun 13, 2004 at 03:30:00AM +0900, Jaeho Shin
( wrote:
>> As I remember, there wasn't any problem like this before my update few
>> days ago.  Not sure, but since I remember the last time I had an update
>> was near Apr 20, I should have been using cygwin dll 1.5.9 then.
>Yes.  I just downgraded cygwin dll (and only cygwin dll) to 1.5.9-1,
>and now the problem is gone.  Looks like 1.5.10 does have some problem
>handling non-ascii paths.
>I've checked the changes in 1.5.10 from the announce
>and found an entry related to this problem:
>- Simplify and speed up path handling. (Pierre Humblet)
>Perhaps it was TOO simplified? :-(
>I'll try examining the codes as soon as I get some free time.
>Or, maybe Pierre can fix the problem?

Do you see anything resembling what's described in
What character representation are you using? Is a character represented
by one or by two (or more) bytes?
Your original mail stated
"I did some test and found out that ``every file whose path includes
Korean characters weren't openable.''  Still, I could move arround those
paths from my shell, and get the file/directory listings with "ls"
normally. I could still create directories with Korean names. "

That would indicate that it's not the path handling code, but the use
of NtCreateFile in 1.5.10. 
Can you "ls -l" those paths?

Can you run some very simple program demonstrating the problem under
strace, something like
strace -o strace-10.txt touch "some short Korean path"
both under 1.5.10 and 1.5.9?


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