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OT: signatures (RE: script command)

> From: Brian Dessent
> What ever happened to the internet where netiquette actually meant
> anything?  You know, that whole thing about keeping signatures to less
> than 4 lines x 72 chars, not quoting entire messages, not sending HTML
> email to public lists, and so on?

Unfortunately I have a great big crappy 'signature' appended to anything
I send from my work acount by the exchange server.  I have no control
over it.

I think it started to go to the dogs when company directors actually
started to see that it was useful and that the emails being sent weren't
actually 'uniform'.  The company I work for has actually dictated that
all emails have to have my name, address (snail with postcode),
telephone, fax and email address on!  Oh, and the text is to be blue
and your name is to be font XXX, 10pt, address 8pt... etc!  This
basically means that, to follow company directives I *have* to send
either HTML or RTF.

IMNSHO, I *really* don't want to give anymore information to the
spammers than I have too.  I can see the point when the emails are to
be sent to other companies, but...

It sucks, but I've a wife and morgage to support :(


BTW, what happend to renaming a thread when it goes off the original
subject? ;)

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