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Re: Maintainer of texinfo 4.7

On Fri, 11 Jun 2004, Bertalan Fodor wrote:

> Hello,
> who is the maintainer of texinfo?
> Because 4.7 is out there now, and cygwin only has 4.2 (which has several
> bugs). Anyway, I could compile it from the sources with make all (tried also
> with mknetrel but did not succeed).
> So my question is: will cygwin be upgraded to texinfo 4.7?
> Thanks,
> Bert


The best way to find out who maintains a particular package is to look at
the latest package announcement (Google for "announcement texinfo").  That won't help much, though, since sending private
mail to the maintainer is usually a no-no, and the maintainers are all
supposed to read this list anyway.

Given that the maintainer of texinfo is CGF, I'm sure that if you build a
proper texinfo-4.7 Cygwin package and offer to maintain it (on
cygwin-apps), he'll at least thoughtfully consider it.  Even if he decides
to keep the maintainership, you'll have done most of the work in preparing
a new release for him, which is bound to help.  Make sure to forward port
any Cygwin-specific patches from texinfo-4.2 source package (if
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