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Re: ps command showing unknown flags

On Fri, 11 Jun 2004, Shaffer, Kenneth wrote:

> I recently ran the ps command and saw an unknown flag, "I", displayed in
> column 1.  There was no heading above it and the man page wasn't much
> help.
> What does this mean?  Where can I find documentation on perhaps other
> flags?
> --
> Ken Shaffer

According to the "" source (which, at the moment, seems to be the
best documentation for the status column), 'I' means that the process is
in a "waiting for TTY input" state.  This will apply to all processes that
are interactive but not currently active (i.e., foreground).  An 'O' in
the status column means that the process is in a "waiting to output to a
TTY" state, which usually means trouble (TTY is busy, etc).  The only
other value for the status column is 'S', which stands for stopped
(suspended) processes.

Man page <>.
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